Agricultural business development with intelligent data analytics

Agricultural business development with intelligent data analytics (MIKÄ DATA)


The project will create a service which makes use of the huge amount of data obtained from the fields, and thus enhance the cultivation, reduce the environmental load and improve profitability. The project will resolve issues raised by farmers needs and challenges, such as, for example, needs to know the variations in soils, nutrient levels (e.g., potassium and phosphorus) and the actual yield data, and find via line across increasing the productivity of the field data.

The amount of data to grow and diversify on farms in the future, when huge amounts of data are possible not analyze no more in the traditional way. We need modern technologies, as like Big Data technology. The project will be developed analytics. The project utilizes, for example the data of satellites as well as the claim to combine harvest information. The project will also create the base structure of the service when the data becomes more and more of various sources. Service to increase the profitability of farming in Finland and to help farmers to take the nutrient more accurate precision farming.

The service will accelerate transition to the use of new technologies and at the same time it provides a new market for the suppliers of these devices. In addition, the project will support the transition to take advantage of open data in different ways, use of the open interfaces of agriculture in software, as well as targets to get the data to remain in the ownership of farmers. More and more accurate knowledge of the fields also increases the quality of perspectives and opportunities for the verification of the purity of the origin of food.


The project aims to find solutions to agriculture, rapidly increasing data management and through better business situation in agriculture. The aim of the project is to build an intelligent data analysis service, by means of which the farmer can see, for example, satellite images and harvest mapper time series.The aim is also that a farmer would be able to see in service, e.g. variations in soils and nutrient levels (e.g. kalium and phosphorus). The service is being developed in close collaboration with the farmers.


The project has five different work packages, through which activities are managed. In the Data work package will be collected data and develop the data linking to each other. In the Server work package will be acquired and installed in the server and its software. In the Service work package will be developed data analysis service, concept design, a user interface and settled by transfer of service at the end of the project. In the Communications work package will be controlled of all matters relating to communications. In the Education work package will be made training videos, which can contribute to the practical implementation of the project results.

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