The new -service has been published in the Naantali drone confference. The presentation of MIKÄ DATA -project and its peltodata-service (pdf).  In this conffecence, it emerged that drones evolve rapidly, but still a lot of research is needed to make them more available to farmers on a practical level. Several researchers in drone conferenece were interested in bringing data to the peltodata service. So forms of cooperation will be developed next.

To this web-page will be updated the situation of the peltodata-service. At the beginning of the peltodata-service, it is targeted the project’s farmers and collaborations projects. Next workshop at February with farmers and stearing group meeting at March will be next checkpoints of this service.

Known problems in the service at this moment: HTTPS problems might causes  page download errors. Problems appeared after nameserver changes. The bug is being researched.


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